Fish Stocking

The Sackville Rivers Association (SRA), in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) and the Nova Scotia Department of Inland Fisheries (NSDoIF), stock the Sackville River with Atlantic Salmon, Speckled Trout, and Sea Run Speckled Trout.

There are many reasons to stock, such as fishing enhancement, introducing new species, and maintaining fish populations.

Mainly due to acid rain, habitat loss due to urbanization, and, in past years, fish blockage due to dams, the Atlantic Salmon population of the Sackville River was believed to have been lost, so a restoration program was begun in the mid-1980s. This was done with the release of hatchery raised fish from a nearby donor river. Although this resulted in early success, recent and continued low marine survival for salmon populations along Nova Scotia’s Atlantic coast have resulted in low numbers of adult salmon returning to the Sackville River. To remedy this, it was decided to continue to supplement resident Atlantic Salmon stock numbers by the introduction of hatchery raised Atlantic Salmon. The Atlantic Salmon that have been stocked in the river are fry and parr (0-1 year old fish) and smolts (1 year fish, ready to go to sea), see below for years and numbers.

All salmon smolts are stocked in the spring, usually around late May, while fry and parr are stocked in the fall, around late October.

To increase fishing opportunities, in conjunction with NSDoIF, Speckled Trout and Sea Run Speckled Trout are stocked in the spring and fall. Spring stocking is often called put and take, as large Speckled Trout are stocked (6-8 inches). In the fall, smaller fish are stocked.