Tomahawk Brook

Tomahawk Brook though seemingly quite healthy and pristine, was still subject to the alteration and straightening activities that most of the Sackville River tributaries fell victim to during nineteenth century logging operations.

Straightening a river basically turns it into a drainage ditch. It will lack natural features, flow slowly until it rains, and then much to quickly when it does making it harder for fish to rest, breathe, and find cover. One of the big results our structures can achieve is to restore a natural, more narrow stream width and meandering of the river.

We divided this stream, which runs from Tomahawk Lake into three work sections.

Section one was prescribed for digger logs, section two needed channel work ie. defining a proper thalweg (the naturally deepest path of the channel), and bank reinforcement, and in section three we installed rock sills. We also removed an old wooden bridge which was obstructing fish passage.