Good Planning and Development

Good Planning and Development (GPD) is often not looked upon as the good restoration tool that it can be. The Sackville Rivers Association believes that GPD can be a very useful tool in preventing damage to the environment, or correcting damage that has already been done. One shining example of this is the Sackville Streetscape Design Study, which features many restoration items that help to restore the Sackville River.

For further information on the Sackville Drive Streetscape Plan, call HRM Planning at (902) 869-4260.

The SRA, using the Sackville Drive Streetscape Plan, is hoping to replace the culverts under Sackville Drive with a bridge. 

Watershed Planning

Watershed planning and management has been defined as a cooperative effort by stakeholders, municipalities, and government agencies to create a long-term management plan for resources within the watershed. The watershed drainage area provides the natural boundary for managing human uses of the river and connected wetlands, woodlands, valley lands, and flood planes. A watershed plan is a technical document that guides the long-term management of land and water interactions to protect the health of the watershed ecosystem. A watershed plan recommends how water resources are to be protected and improved as land uses change, and sets the stage for smaller or site management plans. It provides justified direction for land use planning, infrastructure development, public education programs, and sometimes provincial regulatory/legislative changes. Implementation of watershed plans must be through legislated, regulated mechanisms such as land use planning, engineering standards and provincial legislation/regulation. Without this key implementation the watershed plans have no force.


Watershed planning is a comprehensive analysis of ecosystems issues including water quality and quantity and protection of natural heritage featuring ground water.