If you would like to report a silt event observed anywhere within the Sackville River Watershed, please call one of the following numbers:

Halifax Water Pollution Prevention Program: 490-5527

24 HOUR NUMBER: 1-800-565-1633 (local 426-6200)
(Press 1 for English, 2 for the Pollution Line)

Environmental Emergency: 426-6200

Sackville Rivers Association: 865-9238

Nova Scotia Department of Environment: 424-7773

Be polite and give the address if you know where the silt is coming from. It is important to call in EVERY TIME the Sackville River turns brown. Help protect our river!!!

Silt is a very fine soil particle that is easily carried away by water and wind and deposited into the river.  Silt decreases the stream velocity causing stagnant pools, fills in the space between and around river bottom cobble essential for health breeding and spawning grounds for fish, and smothers existing eggs and bottom-dwelling species.

Silt can effect salmon and trout populations directly and indirectly.  Even small deposits of this material are dangerous.  This is particularly true if silt is allowed to enter a stream over a prolonged period.  There are really no safe levels of silt release.