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Fish Friends is an education program created by the Atlantic Salmon Federation for Grade 4, 5, and 6 students across Canada and the United States, giving both students and adults a first-hand look at the world of Atlantic salmon. Students and teachers begin with a temperature-controlled fish tank and 300 Atlantic salmon eggs. With the proper water conditions and temperature, students and teachers can watch the eggs develop into eyed eggs, hatch and become alevin and grow into fry; at which point they will be released into a Sackville River tributary around the end of May.

The Fish Friends program is a naturally integrated program for the classroom, as it encompasses mathematics, science, social studies and writing and works with students of all abilities. It allows children and adults to see first hand the early stages of an Atlantic salmon’s lifecycle and to better understand the need to protect our natural environment.

Partners for Fish Friends 2017 included TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and the Stevens Family Foundation, Councillor Lisa Blackburn, and Halifax Dump and Run.

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The following video was done by a teacher from Newbridge Academy who attended the SRA’s Fish Friends Fry Release Field Trips on June 4 2012. This video represents the impact Fish Friends has on the students and parents too

The Fish Friends program in 2015 was supported in part by the following organizations:

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Stevens Family Foundation

ECHO Foundation

For more information about the Fish Friends or River Rangers programs, or if you are interested in having the program in your child’s school, call us at 865-9238.

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