About Us

The Sackville Rivers Association (SRA), is a not for profit, registered charitable, volunteer based community group in existence since 1988 with approximately 200 members, concerned with the health of the Sackville River Watershed.

The Sackville Rivers Association restores, enhances, and protects the environmental health of the Sackville river watershed for present and future generations; by providing river restoration, promoting recreational use, delivering educational programs, and encourage stewardship.

In the past, the SRA has undertaken many projects, ranging from salmon habitat restoration to seeking flood plain zoning and protection. Our efforts are concentrated on protecting and restoring salmon habitat, reconnecting fragmented salmon habitat, rebuilding salmon habitats through restocking, and educating the public through our two educational in-classroom programs River Rangers and Fish Friends. We are also working on developing a watershed management plan for the Sackville River Watershed, based on our existing Sackville River Ecosystem Plan (SREP).