Members Meeting Talk – Floodplain Regulation – Thursday September 6, 2018

Our upcoming SRA members meeting on Thursday September 6th at 7pm in the SRA office at the Sackville Heights Community Center will involve a talk on floodplain regulation, stream restoration, fish ladders and changing design / construction practices at stream crossings. The talk will be presented by Bruce Adamson:

Bruce Adamson is a civil engineer who practiced 46 years in Ontario, including 29 years as Regional Engineer in Northwestern Ontario with their Ministry of Natural Resources.

He was responsible for the design and construction of Ministry projects like dams, forest roads, bridges and buildings.  During his career the environmental movement occurred and he was responsible for developing standards to improve stream crossings so they wouldn’t harm fish or their habitats.  He also got undertook several fish habitat improvement projects in the Thunder Bay area.  He has presented training courses across Canada and the US to help others to achieve “fish friendly” stream crossings.

Talk Summary:

Bruce Adamson is a retired Civil Engineer from Northwestern Ontario who worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources.  He was active in floodplain regulation, stream restoration to improve fish habitat, fish ladders and changing design / construction practices at stream crossings to minimize their impact on fish.  In his slide presentation he will share some of those projects and experiences with us.