OurHRM Alliance

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Our communities, our HRM

Our communities, our HRM, a coalition of groups from across the municipality, wants to ensure that the municipality remains a place that you, and all members of your family, want to live. Our communities, our HRM draws on sustainability minded groups from rural, suburban, and urban areas, working together for the same objective-to make certain that the communities nestled in HRM develop wisely.


To establish a boundary around communities within HRM that will allow these places to develop, but will make certain that they do not sprawl. The boundary will insure that:

  • Infrastructure needs, such as new roads and sewers, are kept to an absolute minimum, thus saving the taxpayer money.
  • Wilderness areas will be located only minutes away.
  • Efficient, reliable transit services are available in most areas.
  • In-fill development is preferred over new subdivisions.
  • Coastal lands are protected from development.

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