SRA part of the Aveda Atlantic Water Fund Campaign through the Small Change Fund

Dear Friends,

We have exciting news: Sackville Rivers Association has been accepted to take part in the Aveda Atlantic Water Fund, a crowdfunding campaign launched by Small Change Fund. The campaign launched on December 1st and until December 31st, Aveda Atlantic and Small Change Fund are matching ALL DONATIONS 2:1 – that means when you make a $40 donation, it’s matched with an $80 donation for our project, River Restoration 2016.

And that’s not all! The group that receives the most individual donations will also receive a bonus $1500 for their project.

We need your help! Our goal is to raise $4,100 to support our restoration efforts in the Sackville River Watershed.

What you can do…
1. Donate! To donate now, click here. Your donation of $50 or even $20 can make a difference.
2. Share! Let your friends and family know about this campaign. Send them an email, post it on Facebook, Tweet it out, or share it on LinkedIn!

Our Impact
With your support we will be able to restore sections of Lewis Lake Brook in Lewis Lake and Beaver Pond Brook in Hammonds Plains.

Our overall goal is to reach our project budget of about $70,000 by the 2016 work season but we need your help to start today with helping us get to $4,100 through the Small Change Fund!

Every gift makes a difference! Please donate today!

Small Change Fund

Aveda Atlantic Water Fund