See below for a $200 request in 1888 by the Honorable Mr. Almon for upgrades to the Sackville River Fishway and for the removal of obstructions on the Sackville River.

SRA 20 Year Anniversary Fly Fishing HookSACKVILLE RIVERS 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY FLY: 1988-2008
SR SPECIAL $6 each
, you must have several in your fly box!!

SRA 20 Year Anniversary Fly Fishing Hook


TYLER: George Ferguson
Hook: Eagle River heavy wire salmon #2
Tag: Flat silver
Butt: Green & red uni-stretch
Body: Green krystal flash
Throat: Orange krystal flash & yellow hen
Wing: Moose hair
Head: Black

This fly should be tied on #10 or #8 hooks for the Sackville River.

The silver tag represents the silver salmon of the Sackville River. The green and red  symbolizes the diversity of the SRA volunteers. The green body represents the environmental awareness the SRA has brought to the community. The moose hair of the wing represents the endangered mainland moose that inhabits the upper reaches of the Sackville River Watershed. The orange and yellow throat represents the bright future of the
Sackville Rivers Association.

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full size image - 20th anniversary fly fishing hook