River Restoration 2016

River Restoration 2016

This year we will be performing restoration in Beaver Pond Brook and in Lewis Lake Brook. These are two suburban watercourses impacted by past activities (logging, etc.) and are currently impacted by expanding residential development (in Glen Arbour on Beaver Pond Brook, not so much in Lewis Lake). Aside from the installation of instream habitat restoration structures, we will also be cleaning debris jams (both remnants of Hurricane Juan windfalls and related to human-related debris and less than coincidental lumber dams), improving pools, defining channels, and closing off side channels (braiding) to improve flow.

Sackville River Watershed Map

Sackville River Watershed



Beaver Pond Brook


Beaver Pond Brook

Lewis Lake Brook

Lewis Lake Brook


Lewis Lake Brook Debris Jam

Current Sponsors

  • Small Change Fund
  • Sage Environmental Program
  • McLean Foundation
  • Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation
  • RBC Blue Water Project
  • Student Summer Skills Incentive (SKILL)
  • Service Canada Summer Jobs Program (SCSJP)
  • NSLC Adopt-a-Stream
  • DFO Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program (RFCPP)

Some Project Pictures – September 2016 – what we faced before restoration – Hurricane Juan and other human-related debris choking Lewis Lake Brook and Beaver Pond Brook, and a historically dry summer, with our watercourses largely drying up (although the best conditions to work in).

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dsc_0458 dsc_0459rock-sill-3b rock-sill-5b rock-sill-6b rock-sill-8bRiver Restoration 2016 final report

More information to come…