Flies and Lies

Flies & Lies was started in 1995 with the objective being to get the anglers/fly tyers together over the winter months to share their “fishing experiences”, their collective knowledge of fly tying and to pass on that knowledge to those learning fly tying and fly fishing.

It was initiated by Larry Shortt, Ralph Ainslie and Walter Regan, all SRA Members. Walter approached the Calais Branch, Royal Canadian Legion and thanks to their generosity we are provided a room twice monthly to conduct Flies & Lies.

Through the years many tiers have passed through our organization from ages 8 to 80 (one of our Tyers celebrated his 80th birthday this year.

We do not conduct fly tying classes but will assist anyone who asks for advice on fly tying and fly fishing. Although we do retain a few “secrets”. I have seen beginners join our little group and in less than a year they are helping others with fly tying problems.

This is a fun evening consisting of good humour, interesting stories (AKA Lies) and wonderful friends!

Flies & Lies starts at 7:00 pm and ends when we all leave. It is held on the bottom floor of the Calais Branch, Royal Canadian Legion, 45 Sackville Cross Rd, Lower Sackville and is open to all that have an interest in angling.

We meet twice a month starting in September and stopping on the last Wednesday in April (This allows us to get out over fishing season to try our wonderful creations).

The dates for Flies & Lies are as follows:

8 & 30 Jan; 12 & 27 Feb; 12 & 27 Mar; 9 & 24 Apr – 2013

For information or questions please contact Larry Shortt via e-mail at lshortt@ns.sympatico.ca.