The Sackville Rivers Association is grateful to the community for its support. We have developed partnerships that encourage our members to reduce, reuse and recycle materials that will help the SRA and the local community.

Recyclable Donation
Make a donation through recycling! Take all your recyclables to Faders Bottle Exchange on Sackville Cross Road, and tell them to put your refund towards the SRA Account.

Small Change Fund

You can now make a donation towards the SRA’s River Rangers and Fish Friends programs through the Small Change Fund website. Small Change Fund helps support grassroots community projects through small change, adding up to make a big difference! River Rangers and Fish Friends are in-classroom programs offered to students in grades 4-5 that expose children to the life cycle of Atlantic salmon while providing experience in water quality and river habitat issues. Donate online through the link below:

United Way Donation
Feel free to donate to United Way. SRA is a Registered Charity and money
can be directed to us through your payroll deduction.

PayPal Donation
You can also donate money directly to the SRA via PayPal. Click the Donate button below, enter the amount you wish to donate and send the funds electronically.

PayPal Donation

We appreciate your continued support!