Congrats to SRA for their 30th Anniversary!

20 Sep 2018


By: MLA David Wilson (Sackville-Cobequid)

I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the following resolution:

Whereas the Sackville Rivers Association was founded by volunteers in 1988 with a vision to create an active trail system running along the Sackville River, connecting communities in Sackville and Bedford, with the ultimate goal being a 40km trail running along the full length of the Little Sackville River from Fultz House to Little Lake; and

Whereas 30 years later, many residents enjoy walking and biking on the Fort Sackville Walkway in Bedford beginning at Scott Manor House to Range Park, continuing on to the Bedford Sackville Connector Greenway linking to Fultz House; and

Whereas on September 29, 2018, the Sackville Rivers Association, in line with their 30th Anniversary, will celebrate the grand opening of Phase 1 of the Sackville Greenway, connecting Sackville Drive to Glendale Drive;

Therefore be it resolved that all members of this House of Assembly congratulate the Sackville Rivers Association on 30 years of service to the preservation and enhancement of our waterways and trails and for the promotion of active living in the community.


12 Sep 2018


By: MLA Brad Johns (Sackville – Beaver Bank)

Mr. Speaker, this year the Sackville Rivers Association celebrated its 30thanniversary on June 7th. This non-profit, volunteer-run charity is dedicated to preserving the rivers that run through the communities of Sackville and Bedford and Beaver Bank. In the past, the association has been busy with establishing active transportation trails, attracting fish & wildlife back to the community, and helping to keep Sackville’s waterways clean of litter and debris.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend their anniversary celebrations, and I would like to recognize the invaluable contributions this organization makes in helping to make Nova Scotia a greener and cleaner place to live. I would also like to wish Walter Regan and all the volunteers of the Sackville Rivers Association all the best and looking forward to 30 more years of success.

Members Meeting Talk – Floodplain Regulation – Thursday September 6, 2018

Our upcoming SRA members meeting on Thursday September 6th at 7pm in the SRA office at the Sackville Heights Community Center will involve a talk on floodplain regulation, stream restoration, fish ladders and changing design / construction practices at stream crossings. The talk will be presented by Bruce Adamson:

Bruce Adamson is a civil engineer who practiced 46 years in Ontario, including 29 years as Regional Engineer in Northwestern Ontario with their Ministry of Natural Resources.

He was responsible for the design and construction of Ministry projects like dams, forest roads, bridges and buildings.  During his career the environmental movement occurred and he was responsible for developing standards to improve stream crossings so they wouldn’t harm fish or their habitats.  He also got undertook several fish habitat improvement projects in the Thunder Bay area.  He has presented training courses across Canada and the US to help others to achieve “fish friendly” stream crossings.

Talk Summary:

Bruce Adamson is a retired Civil Engineer from Northwestern Ontario who worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources.  He was active in floodplain regulation, stream restoration to improve fish habitat, fish ladders and changing design / construction practices at stream crossings to minimize their impact on fish.  In his slide presentation he will share some of those projects and experiences with us.

Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation supports SRA’s River Restoration 2018 project

We would like to thank the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation (ASCF) for again this year supporting our restoration efforts in our River Restoration 2018 project, continuing may years of support for our projects.

This picture, taken August 2017, features (left to right) SRA President Walter Regan receiving a cheque of support from ASCF for our River Restoration 2017 project from MP Darrell Samson (Sackville-Preston-Chezzetcook), ASCF Executive Director Stephen Chase, and MLA Dave Wilson (Sackville-Cobequid).

Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation