1850 Jun DFO Sackville River Salmon Report

1988 Aug SR DFO Fish Plan NSE Plan

2004 Nov Salmon Brood Stock Collection

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Check out the gallery tab from the menu above! New photos have been added, including those taken during the 2012 Patriots Day Walk of the Bedford – Sackville Greenway Connector, and rock throwing events.


Salmon Wars: Wild Fish, Aquaculture and the Future of Communities

Follow the link below, and check out this documentary on net cage salmon aquaculture and its many impacts.

Salmon Wars


Johnson Controls of Bedford helps to restore the Little Sackville River

The Sackville Rivers Association would like to give a big thank you to Johnson Controls of Bedford for their contributions and efforts to restore the Little Sackville River through their company’s Blue Sky Initiative and through their kind donation. On July 20, 2012 over 10 employees from Johnson Controls volunteered for an afternoon of cleaning up the river and throwing rocks to restore Atlantic Salmon pools.

Due to their efforts, over 500 metres of the Little Sackville River were restored.


Walter N. Regan Named Kool Community Champion!

Walter N. Regan has been named Kool Community Champion from 96.5 Kool FM! Tune in Wednesday 5:50pm to hear the announcement or click here for the audio recording. Way to go Walter, a well deserved award!!

Walter N. Regan is the president of the Sackville Rivers Association in Lower Sackville. Walter is the heart and soul of the SRA, and is an extremely valuable member of the HRM community. He helps organize volunteer cleanups and maintenance along the river, answers questions and complaints from the public and news crews, attends dozens and dozens of meetings regarding community development and sustainable practices, and guess what? He’s a retiree, and does it all for free on his own time. The SRA would be lost without him, and he’s simply an amazing, hilarious guy to know and chat with! Nominated by Tara Dent.


Appreciation Certificate Presented to Salvatore Insurance

Walter N. Regan presents a certificate of appreciation to Christina Salvatore, Vice
President of Salvatore Insurance, who donated to the 2012 SRA Bike Rodeo.


Tom Martin, Mayoral Candidate, Comes to Speak at the SRA

When: August 2, 2012
Time: 7 PM
Where: SRA office, Room 206, Sackville Heights Community Centre, 45 Connolly Rd

The speaker at this month’s SRA meeting will be Tom Martin, a mayoral candidate in the October election. He will be speaking on “Sustainability and the Role Rural Plays in HRM”. Please attend and ask candidate Martin about his visions for the HRM.

Tom was born and raised in the heart of the city, completed a 30 year career
in the HRM, and upon retirement he moved to a farm in rural HRM. Since, Tom has also worked in the private sector – as a national director for an HRM-based but Canada-wide company, Tom was responsible for over 1000 employees. Currently owning a Nova Scotia Registered Farm as well as a Consulting/Investigation firm, Tom understands how big business is necessary for our economy to flourish, as well as the importance of small businesses and the plight of their owners.

While Tom has worked in the background on past campaigns, he has never
before sought office himself, nor does he have intentions on going further
in politics beyond this mayoralty race. He carries no political baggage. Thirty years in public service as a police officer for the HRM shows that Tom brings to the table a genuine knowledge of our community and the citizens therein. We need a leader, and who better than a man who dedicated his career to making our home safe, a man who lent his voice to victims who could no longer speak for themselves, a man who never shied away from doing the right thing and isn’t afraid of accountability? What you see is what you get – a proven leader who wants to better his home, our home, not only for us but for future generations as well.


 Come out for rock throwing (Salmon pool restoration) on Saturday, July 28! All are welcome! We will be meeting at 9 AM at the SRA office, Room 206, 45 Connolly Rd. and will be going until 12 PM. For more information, please contact Walter Regan at 476-6276.


How Greenbelting will help Sackville

A Public Discussion

Hosted by the Our HRM Alliance and Sackville Rivers Association

 Monday July 16

7 – 9pm

 Sackville Heights Community Centre

Silver and Gold Room

(45 Connolly Rd in Lower Sackville)

Contact Walter N. Regan at 865-9238 for more information


SRA General Monthly Meeting

On Thursday, July 5th at 7:00pm, SRA’s general monthly meeting will be held at the Sackville Heights Community Centre, Room 206, 45 Connolly Road. Our guest speaker will be Mike Parker, talking about the Bedford Rifle Range Wetland Restoration Project.

Michael is the President and Senior Biologist of East Coast Aquatics Inc, a biological consulting firm located in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. He established East Coast Aquatics nearly 12 years ago after moving back to Nova Scotia from British Columbia where he had been delivering the Watershed Restoration Program on behalf of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment in the Caribou Region, specializing in stream habitat
restoration and assessment, fish passage through culverts, and slope stabilization. East Coast Aquatics maintains this aquatic specialization, and has expanded skills to include aquatic invertebrate assessments and taxonomic identification, surface and groundwater monitoring, watershed planning, and marine ecosystem overview analyses. Freshwater wetlands have become a primary component of work and area of specialty for East Coast
Aquatics. Mike and the staff carry out wetland assessments, restoration design, and restoration implementation.

The Sackville River wetland restoration project, Bedford Rifle Range, is one of the most significant freshwater restoration projects undertaken in the province to date. At 17 ha in size, this former gravel pit ceased operations in the mid 1960’s. It was left to recover naturally, and today a number of species at risk and a range of wetland plants cover the property. However, the impacts of past land use are apparent, and the diversity and
productivity of the system remains impaired. East Coast Aquatics, along with a number of partners including the SRA, have been working to restore wetland functions at the site with the least amount of disturbance. Restoration work and monitoring will take place of the next several years. Mike will present the various project components, such as Wood turtle tracking, water level monitoring, and restoration activities through an interactive slide show


River Walk

Come out Saturday, June 30th for an enjoyable walk along the main Sackville river! We will be meeting at Lynn Court for 9:00am, located at the head of the Bedford-Sackville Greenway Connector in Lower Sackville.


SRA and Sackville Business Association Open House

SRA and Sackville Business will be co-hosting an open house on Wednesday June 27th from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Acadia Hall, 650 Sackville Drive. This event will outline details of the Little Sackville River Bridge project, the Sackville Greenway project and the Acadia Recreation Society Community Parks and Garden project. All are welcome!


Put on your wetsuits and come out on Saturday, June 23rd for a weekend cleanup in Bedford at the Fish Hatchery Park, located at the end of the Fort Sackville Walkway. Cleanup starts at 9:30am and goes until 11:30am. A BBQ will be supplied by councillor Tim Outhit to feed all those hungry appetites!


Events List 2012

April 26, 27, 28, 2012 – SRA Booth at the NSLC at Downsview Mall 5pm-9pm  – Volunteers needed for Saturday evening

April 28 2012 – Little Sackville Clean up. In honour of Earth Day, please come out and support a clean Earth for all of us and our children! Held at the conjunction of Stoneridge Church. Meet at 9 am at the parking lot beside the old Wal-Mart in Downsview Mall.

May 12 2012 – EAC/Geocachers clean up at Little Sackville River

May 26 2012– Sackville Rivers Association Bike Rodeo. 9am-12pm. Downsview Mall, 800 Sackville. Boston Pizza parking-lot.

The Sackville Rivers Association will  be having its second annual Bike Rodeo! Bring the whole family and join us at  the Downsview Mall in Sackville for a morning of fun and safe cycling  activities. The rodeo is sponsored by SRA and HRM and is being conducted by the  Halifax Regional Police with the assistance of the RCMP-Sackville Detachment. Free BBQ, and face painting for children will be available. 2 bike give-aways will be drawn for!

June 7th 2012 – Sackville Rivers Annual General Meeting (7pm) at the Sackville Heights Community Centre 45 Connolly road, Sackville. Election of Officers, hear all about the Urban Forest Master Plan. With guest speakers Holly Richardson and John Charles, HRM planners. For more information contact Walter N. Regan at 865 9238

June 9 2012 – River Clean up

June 23 2012 – Bedford Clean up Main river

June 30 2012 – River Walk

July 5 2012 – Monthly Meeting


May 2011 – The SRA finds a new way to battle silt in the watershed.  Click here to read the article!

April 2011 – The SRA is featured in a new mini-documentary about the NSLC Adopt A Stream program. Click here to see the video!


The Fishway had some spring cleaning done to it last weekend on April 21 2012.

A special thanks to all the volunteers who came out Saturday morning, including Katimavik! It was very appreciated, and quite a speedy clean up!


NWCC Letter of Support 


Be Coyote Smart

Everyone is getting active and walking the trails, while soaking up some vitamin D. One thing you have to keep in mind though is wild coyotes. They are generally afraid of humans, but with growing urbanization we are slowly desensitizing them to ourselves.

Here is a great article from Nova Scotia Natural Resources on how to be coyote smart!


An Article in The Chronicle Herald about the trail opening ceremony which was held Saturday December 5th 2009 at the head of the new trail section of the Bedford Sackville Connector (Conservation Corridor)

Trail section near mall opens Half-kilometre portion runs from Bedford Place Mall to Superstore


It’s 500 metres long, one metre wide and cost $50,000 — and it completes the Bedford-Sackville Greenway Connector.

On Saturday, the Sackville Rivers Association officially opened the new trail section that begins in front of the Superstore and runs to the True North Diner at Bedford Place Mall.

The complete trail system begins at Fish Hatchery Park in Bedford by Bedford Basin and runs for two kilometres to Fultz House Museum in Lower Sackville.

“One section that we were missing was in front of the mall. The mall offered us $22,600, HRM offered $18,000 and the (provincial) Health Promotion and Protection offered us $10,000,” says Walter Regan, president of the Sackville Rivers Association.

The funding paid for construction of the path, wheelchair ramps and signage.

“The mall also bought us new picnic tables, benches and garbage cans. We owe the mall, our other partners and the community many thanks,” said Regan.

He believes building trails helps promote fitness and pollution prevention.

“One of our mandates is to build trails; we’re going to build a walking trail (the Conservation Corridor Trail) from Fort Sackville to Uniacke House in Mount Uniacke. It’ll be about 40 kilometres long,” says Regan.

According to Regan, many people use the Bedford-Sackville trail daily to walk or bike to work, and on average, more than 1,400 people use the trail every week.

“Every car we can get off the road, there’s that much less pollution attacking the river.”


Developing Recreation Trails in Nova Scotia: Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management

“Developing Recreation Trails in Nova Scotia: Planning, Design, Construction, Maintenance and Management” is the first trail construction manual ever produced for community based trail building groups. Written by Natasha Warren, the manual was a partnership project with the Nova Scotia Sport and Recreation Commission, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the Department of Natural Resources.

This manual is a valuable resource for trail groups to take them from vision through completion and finally maintenance of a long-term recreation facility. It has also become a provincially recognized guideline for the purposes of recognizing a trail for insurance. By establishing an acceptable baseline safety standard, we can improve the experience of all visitors to our trails, and at the same time substantially lower the liability exposure of the volunteers who build these outdoor facilities.

New to this version is Section 6 – Abandon Rail Bridges. ***This section has not yet received the final stamp of approval from the Government of Nova Scotia. ***

The cost is $75 CAD for Nova Scotia groups, and $125 CAD for out-of-province groups. Updates are forwarded to groups who purchase the manual. There are plans to make the manual available on a CD version. Orders can be placed through the NS Trails office.

NS Trails is pleased to make available its trail construction manual online in PDF format. Download full sections of the trail construction manual at no cost. Each section may be downloaded separately by clicking on the links below.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Project Initiation

Section 2 The Project Planning Process

Project Planning Process

Section 3 Development and Construction

Section 4 Signage

Section 5 Maintenance and Management

Section 6 Abandon Rail Bridges NEW!



Fishway tally

As of July 21 2011: 43 Atlantic salmon


Recent Pertinent Newspaper Articles/Links

Walter N. Regan, President was interviewed on CBC News Radio by Margot Brunelle at the Sackville River Fishway about the challenges the SRA faces trying to restore habitat for the Atlantic Salmon.

Dog Walk along the Bedford-Sackville Connector trail for Sackville Patriot Days.  Photos taken by Charlene Whitlock on June 27th, 2010.

Link to a presentation given by Hugh Millward, PhD, a professor in the Geography Department of Saint Marys’ University at the Ecology Action Centre Conversations on Environment in HRM on April 28th, 2010.

Sackville-Bedford Connector Trail Mural Painting: Mickie McDow

I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know about an exciting youth art program/project that we are offering this week here in Sackville. “Murally Speaking”  is taking place in the tunnel along the  Bedford Sackville Connector trail.  Facilitated by artist, Holly Carr, Murally Speaking, links youth to a community group, in this case, the  Sackville Rivers Association, learning their mission, values etc, and then uses art to  depict an issue near to the hearts the organization bv way of a mural. The mural not only leaves a legacy to the community, but teaches youth the importance of giving back and that volunteering in the community can take on many forms. Currently, there are about 10 – 15 youth working on the mural from our leadership program.  The mural will depict the history of the Sackville River from the settlement of the Mi-kmaq to present day.  It is hoped that the mural will be completed by Friday of this week (July 16).

The program is funded in partnership with the Fall River and Area Crime Prevention Association and HRM Community Recreation  Association.

The program will be taking place in August in Fall River.

Above photos taken by Rich Peckham on July 13th, 2010.