CPAWS – Help create 12 new protected areas in Nova Scotia!

On February 2, the Nova Scotia government announced it intends to create a number of new protected areas. This includes high-priority sites for conservation, such as Sackville River, Medway Lakes, Pomquet Beach, Wentworth Valley, and Eastern Shore Islands.

We need your help!

A public consultation is currently underway. It’s crucial that the Nova Scotia government hears from people who are supportive of these new protected areas. ALL of the new protected areas need to be established.

Additionally, two sites need to be improved.

  • The proposed boundary for Sackville River Wilderness Area is too small, and
  • The proposed boundary for Medway Lakes Wilderness Area leaves a large hole in the middle of the protected area.

​Please take a moment to write a letter of support to the Nova Scotia government for these new protected areas. In your submission, you may want to consider saying the following:

  • Protect all of the sites
  • Expand the boundary of Sackville River Wilderness Area to include adjacent public lands on the eastern side of the protected area
  • Expand the boundary of Medway Lakes Wilderness Area to fill in the big hole that occurs in the middle of the protected area

The best letters are short, to-the-point, and written in your own words. If you have a personal connection to nature, or to any of the proposed protected areas, please mention that. Even if you’ve never been to any of these areas, it is still important to say that you support nature conservation and the creation of these protected areas.

Send a letter today. Nova Scotia’s wilderness is counting on you!